eLSI have created a wide range of resources for you to get going on Wits-e. Select the materials and formats that work best for you.

1.Getting started guide

The guide to Getting Started will get you up and running with Wits-e. It will orientate you to your workspace and assist you with starting a new course and introduce you to common features available to you on your course.

2.Featured Tutorials

Our collection of Featured Tutorials contain demonstrations of notable functions available on Wits-e. They talk you through various features on the CLE and show you how to use them.

3.Documentation & Presentations

We have generated a range of Documentation about Wits-e for different audiences. This section of the website a collection of all the presentations.


We can offer both face to face and online Training Workshops for Wits-e. Our workshops will teach you how to use the software over a series of face to face sessions.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions and answers (FAQs) section contains helpful hints for getting started.

6. Consultancy Services

eLSI also offers customised consulting for individuals or groups. Whether setting up a course or a project, or if you're having difficulties with using the platform, a consultant will work through the issues with you and get your course / project back on track.