How to Use Turnitin on Wits-e

Turnitin is a proprietary internet-based plagiarism detection system developed by iParadigms, LLC. Turnitin provides a faster way of electronically checking documents and encourages correct citation of other people’s material. Turnitin is mainly designed to make comparisons between texts contained within a document against three standard paper repositories. These are:

When the text is compared, a percentage similarity index which is also matched to a colour code is generated. The colour codes and indices are:

                Blue                        no matching text

                Green                     one to 24% matching text

                Yellow                    25 to 49% matching text

                Orange                   50 to 74% matching text

                Red                         75 to 100% matching text

Click here to dowload documentation that shows how to use turnitin on Wits-e

Last modified on 2014-02-14 by Nguni Phakela