eLearning returns back into the CLTD fold

Making eLearning more closely aligned and integrated with the University’s Teaching and Learning priorities


A new eLSI for 2015

eLSI’s work with academics and students is shifting and as of January 2015, eLSI has merged with CLTD (the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Development). This merger is a result of the Vice Chancellors Office (VCO) review of all support divisions in the University as part of an ongoing process to align all the various units in the University behind shared strategic priorities.

Last year, as part of the merger, eLSI, the writing centre and CLTD staff members participated in a day long intervention session to gain mutual understanding of the current and emerging landscape. Kirstie McFarlane, the Facilitator, got the groups to complete exercises around healthy relationships at work, building trust, empathy and resilience, and understanding individual preferred social styles.

The intention assisted with the development of a common purpose and sense of value within the team. Now with joining together, a more systematic and productive approach to enhancing teaching and learning across a range of projects will be possible.

A growing vision for learning at Wits

The merger between eLSI and CLTD marks an important milestone in the development of eLearning at Wits. As Wits makes its way to becoming a more tech savvy University it is anticipated that the merger between eLSI and CLTD will offer new opportunities to mainstream educational technologies into staff development.

The revamped CLTD will consist of 5 areas: Learning, Teaching, Evaluation, Educational Technologies (eLearning) and Academic Development Support. Prof Christine Woods will remain the Director of CLTD, and the Head of Educational Technologies (eLearning) will become the Deputy Director.

eLSI believes that by joining forces, we will consolidate the progress we have made to date with eLearning, and create a viable institutional base for future work.






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