The Wits Digilitsproject is in full swing

Digital champions lead the way to promote digital literacies and tech savviness



The eLearning Unit at Wits is running a Digilitsproject that promotes tech savviness amongst students, and employ student as elearning support agents. Our first batch of digital champions successfully completed their 6-month stint in February, and we now have a second batch of students for the next 6 months.

The Digilitsproject

The Digilitsproject’s mandate is to promote and embody the tech savvy ideal that Wits aspires to achieve. Our programmes and courses have to prepare graduates that are ready for the future and we recognise the need for students to be sufficiently fluent and competent to be able to enter the digital world of work with confidence. One aspect of this project involves employing digital champions as interns.

The Digilitsproject relies on digital champions to create resources to promote the growth of a digitally rich environment at Wits, act as digital mentors and technology champions, and to assist with our Wits-e / Sakai helpdesk. As ambassadors for Wits-e/Sakai and eLearning, our digital champions are also able to utilise the opportunity in the eLearning Unit to acquire and develop a richer set of digital behaviours, practices and identities.

In March we employed 5 post-grad students after receiving a lot of excellent applications from eager students wanting to get involved in the project. Part of the application process involved an online task and potential candidates had the opportunity to showcase their tech savviness by creating a Mozilla Webmaker page. Students were selected based on their interest and ability to embody tech savviness as digital literacy ambassadors. As eLearning Support Agents, these interns are responsible for assisting students and staff to respond to the challenges of teaching and learning in a digital world.

Meet our new digital champions


Yuval Genga is currently working on his MSc in Electrical and Information Engineering with a specialisation in telecommunications. With a keen interest in the latest technological trends, and practical experience with some of these technologies, Yuval is eager to learn more from the eLearning Unit. Having worked for a Business technology solutions company, he has a solid background in IT. His work experience has also helped to broaden his perception on the application of information and communications technology. 





Mangi Tshikomba is an ambitious EdTech entrepreneur, a change agent and in his own words, aspires to be the Elon Musk of Education. He wants to take millions out of poverty through education. Mangi’s passion lies in how we can use artificial intelligence for the betterment of society. He’s the founder of an EdTech strategy consultancy, Afritechnisation, and is also currently working with Stellenbosch-based Project Isizwe, NPO, to roll-out free WiFi in all low income areas in South Africa.





Richard Munthali is a Bioinformatics PhD student with the School of Molecular and Cell Biology. He describes himself as a natural born teacher who fell in love with technology. He was awarded a 6-month industrial internship as a web and mobile applications developer at Communitech in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Richard has lots of practical experience, enthusiasm and passion for the fields of Bioinformatics, Statistics and Science Education. He believes that accessing and sharing information about different opportunities is vital to the youth in Africa, and makes use of social media to motivate other youths.





Taurai Kurebwa is a final year Masters student in the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, currently researching novel breast cancer treatments. A researcher by training and an educator at heart, Taurai is interested in public health policy concerning use and distribution of essential medications to impoverished communities. He describes himself as a proponent of the use of technology in reducing waste, increasing efficiency of communication and securing essential data. As a current Mellon Mays Fellow, higher education is central to Taurai’s career prospects and this intern position will provide him the opportunity to directly interact with staff and students, learn from seasoned eLearning experts and contribute to the advancement of digital literacy in higher education.




Jarred MacCarthy describes himself as a tree hugging environmentalist and is currently working on completing his MSc in Geography and Environmental Studies. For his Masters project, Jarred is looking at the South African media's portrayal of climate change, all the while seeking to add his findings to a broader discussion on the dissemination of scientific knowledge by the media. He’s interested in the junction between education and technology advances where integration can meet the needs of a 21st Century world, and what it means to be a 21st Century student. Jarred was part of our last batch of interns as was offered a second 6-month contract based on his excellent performance and digital championship.


Twitter networking

Our digital champions now have a twitter handle as well, and they are eager to follow other students and academics in the eLearning space. Please connect with them on @Digilitsproject and follow their journey as champions.

Our Sakai helpdesk

Need help with Sakai? Want to tackle a digital project? Then don’t hesitate to contact the eLearning Unit! Our helpdesk is here to support teaching and learning in the 21st Century, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a wealth of resources and experiences to support your online teaching and learning activities.

Our helpdesk can be contacted from Monday to Friday on 011 717 7161. Alternatively, send an email to elearn@wits.ac.za or click here for our online form.



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