Piloting Sakai/Wits-e

eLSI are currently in the process of piloting various courses on Sakai/Wits-e. The pilots will start from the first block of the 2012 academic year.


eLSI have invested most of 2011 in setting up Sakai/Wits-e and believe that this new platform will provide students and academics at Wits with an appropriate electronic learning space. In order ensure that Sakai/Wits-e is ready for academic use, we have set up pilot projects, where selected courses have been choosen to participate in our roll out plans. These pilots are scheduled to take place during the first block next year 2012.

The main goals of the pilot is to

  1. Ensure that Sakai platform is able to integrate correctly with  Oracle Student system regarding student enrollment data.
  2. Test the capacity of the universities’ network and servers to carry the load.
  3. Evaluate whether the solution developed by eLSI to deal with course sections works as intended.
  4. Confirm that the system is able to pick up appropriate course data parameters.

Students and instructors / staff will be invited to assist with the pilot and it is anticipated that once they are on the system, they will be able to identify and iron out configuration problems. In order to contain the pilots to a reasonable number, the pilots have been limited on Sakai/Wits-e to:

  1. First year courses (which were previously on WebCT) and begin in the first block.
    1. All first  year course that were on WEBCT will thus be required to migrate to SAKAI /Wits-e as we will be training students during Orientation week on SAKAI.
  2. New courses, which previously had no online presence, and with an enrolment of 200 students or above.

A requirement for participation on the pilots is as follows:

  • The co-ordinator of the pilot course /course instructor should be teaching a course that begins in the first block.
  • The co-ordinator of the pilot course/course instructor should be available to attend at least two of the Wits-e Workshop. The workshops are scheduled for 2 hours each and they will run throughout January and February 2012.
  • eLSI will expect feedback from both co-ordinators/instructors and students on their experiences with Wits-e.
  • Pilot courses will have a limited toolset because we are focusing on core tools such as assessments, assignments, learning modules, and discussions, and not Sakai’s very wide toolset.

The learning design team will be available in January/February to migrate content from WebCT to Sakai. Learning design will hold workshops on Introduction to SAKAI/Wits-e and Managing content. Details on the workshops can be found on our eLSI website on elearn.wits.ac.za

Please be advised that even if you have previously attended the first workshop in October you are encouraged to attend again as there have been significant changes since the previous one. We will also be available the first week in January for one on one consultations.

Please note that eLSI will not prevent anyone else from using SAKAI/Wits-e with the proviso that there be no expectation of intensive support as all our efforts during the pilot will be prioritized on supporting the elected pilot participants.

For more information contact Fatima.Rahiman@wits.ac.za

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