ICT Skills prep for first year students

Q: How do you determine how competent 6 000 first year students are with computers? A: You expose 6 000 students to an ICT proficiency test

During Orientation Week (O-week), eLU staff introduced thousands of first year students to ICT resources at Wits. Five introductory training sessions, followed by the ICT proficiency test sessions, were offered for each faculty in the New Science Building and Pearson’s Lab.

Introductory training was focussed on orienting all new Witsies to the various systems. Subjects covered included an introduction to Sakai; instructions about how to set up their student email accounts; orientation to Wits student portal logins, and the Virtual Training Company courses (VTC). Simultaneously, students were able to familiarise themselves with computer labs and other digital resources.

In order to benchmark students’ ICT skills, training was immediately followed by a proficiency test. The test comprised of four focus areas: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and basic computer components knowledge (hardware and software). In addition to the introductory training offered, the students had the option to sign up for ICT skills workshops in these four areas either before or after the test. Those students that did not feel comfortable enough to undertake the proficiency test, signed up for the ICT skills weekend workshops.

Q: What is the eLU doing with these tests?

A: The results of the proficiency tests will be presented to Student Affairs which in turn will liaise with Faculties and academic staff as well as CLTD (Centre for Learning, Teaching and Development).

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Antoinette Malgas on Antoinette.Malgas@wits.ac.za.

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