Success with Wits-e / Sakai

Meet the new eLUcourse revision and review team

With two new staff members on board, the eLearning Unit is pleased to announce the launch of the course revision and review project, a new T & D grant funded initiative. The project is focussed around improving student engagement while using Wits-e / Sakai.

Headed by Lucy E’Silva and Chipa Maimela, the project aims to assist course co-ordinators with designing their blended learning courses on Sakai / Wits-e. They’re aiming to assist eLearning portions of courses to increase student engagement: between students and content, students and course facilitators; and between the students themselves.

Sakai support

Sakai / Wits-e has a plethora of powerful tools that can equip you to communicate, create and deliver learning activities that are both effective and valuable for your students. Do you want or need to make the online portions of your courses more engaging and effective? Do you want or need to learn more about how you can improve your blend of Sakai / Wits-e with your face to face course?

The course revision and review team can help you by providing course reviews, tips and suggestions; and new designs for interaction and engagement all tailored particularly for your course or individual needs / circumstances.

By means of consultations, seminars, and workshops with our learning designers, those that engage with Lucy and Chipa will be able to re-think and re-design the online component of their course.

Thus far the team has consulted with various Schools at Wits, including Statistics & Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Geosciences, Molecular & Cell Biology, Mathematics, and Computational & Applied Mathematics.




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