Software Devlopers relocate

The Software Development team at eLSI have recently relocated their operation

On Friday 6th of September David Wafula, Paul Mungai and Nkululeko Phakela unplugged their machines , wrapped their cables up on the 18th floor and made the short trip across to Senate House, only for David to return after the weekend to retrieve his phone charger, an inevitably of any moving process. Their move from university corner is part of a budget reshuffle and means that the software development team associated with e-learning will no longer be found in eLSI’s offices but will now be housed at CNS .

This relocation will see eLSI’s team of developers work in closer proximity to other key software teams at the University to enhance and augment the eLearning offered at Wits They will also be called on to contribute to other key University software projects and it is anticipated that this collaboration will lead to increased integration between administrative systems and Witse-e Sakai.

When David Wafula, head of the software development, and his term were working alongside learning designers and content developers this collaboration allowed eLSI to be agile, respond to queries and bugs and quickly accommodate academic’s feature  requests. While eLSI is sorry to see the their software team’s desks empty , their new position in CNS will facilitate easy interactions and liaisons with key ICT stakeholders at the University.

Wafula assured all that their move to CNS will not in any way affect the attention given to Wits-e, with lines of communication and reporting constantly open between the eLSI unit and the software developers. This pertains to user requests and queries, system maintenance as well as the development of new features.  eLSI are hoping that with their software team being located at CNS that interaction with key University partners will be easier and more effective and have an overall positive effect for eLearning at Wits.



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